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The Empty Room

A page keeping prisoner those who took no prisoner.

The article I shouldn't have written - Lee Bowyer
A hugely depressing experience to write.

This Charming Man - Joey Barton
Yeah the whole juxtaposition thing. Violent thug and twitter philosopher, one of the few professional footballers to admit reading books. One of only two actually, David James read books. Sometimes whilst in goal for Liverpool.

Psycho of the Crazy Gang - Vinnie Jones
The benchmark for The Empty Room. A young Vinnie Jones was a truely frightening thing, taking imtimidation and thuggery to the FA Cup final. Vinnie Jones made the concept of a 50/50 ball redundant, and published a video on how to foul and get away with it (You don't make a video about it).

The Big Man - Duncan Ferguson
He's got the eyes hasn't he? And the neck veins. Strangely injury-prone for a hard man. Another whose off-field antics got him more column inches than his football ever did.

EBJT - John Terry
Mr Chelsea, England's Brave John Terry. Womaniser, antagoniser, king-maker. The only thing bigger than his ego is his bloody mouth.