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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Champagne Charlie - Graeme Souness

Google has many, many uses. It can tell you how Jamie Oliver boils an egg, it can find you the latest starlet’s “accidently leaked” rudey nudey home videos. My third favourite thing about google is the autofill. Type in “scar” for example, and google suggests that you could be looking for “Scary maze game” “scarlett Johansson” or perhaps “scarborough”. It’s brilliantly diverse, I should think it is based on most popular searches or some-such widget. Quite what Scary maze game is, and how it’s been looked for than the wonderfully sculpted Scarlett, is beyond me. If you ignore the autofill suggestions, you put the blinkers on the internet, and you ignore the searching questions posed by your fellow man. Shame on you.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Transfer Deadline Day: Winners, Losers, Users and Abusers.

Joe Cole? He's got his favourite number on 26 his shirt again, and has made the short hop over the channel to France, joining league champions Lille on loan for the rest of the season. Poor old Joe Cole - one of our favourite players here at The Frustrated Footballer, despite his obvious skill. Joey's got what Liverpool aint this season - Champions League football. French football is on the up again. Not because of Joe Cole, well not entirely because of Joe Cole. On a perhaps more sour note, Lille had failed in bids for Chu Young-Park and Yossi Benayoun before landing Cole. Hopefully England's forgotten playmaker will find his feet in France, get a lot of games, and rediscover the form that made him one of the most exciting talents in english football - what? 10 YEARS AGO? MORE? Christ!

Reports that Joe Cole has been quoted saying that Lille are his boyhood club and "it's a dream come true" are as yet, unconfirmed.